Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Collection

Summer break for me was the time to hunt for the tunes that were saved in my minds memory and to make hard copies, as it was the only time when we were brought to our native land. I was going on banking the priceless charms while my mates were busy gathering pebbles. At times I used to present them one or more from my stockpile. They would merrily listen and relish while I would proudly assert the ‘Name’ of the creator ensuring it is preserved in their minds enduringly.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Night Of Elucidation

My First Raaja Song.

My mind suddenly sent signals to my hand which was tuning my small radio, my best friend ever, to hold a station which was playing something that was treating my ears with an inconceivable pleasure. After a few seconds, my soul registered The Name 'Ilaiyaraaja' when a voice from All India radio announced the music director’s name who fashioned the song that my mind has just recorded.The voice that proclaimed the name echoed from the cosmos. There was sudden stillness in the air that delimited me. At once I thanked my best friend for giving me a fabulous present, and retired to the bed humming only the last two lines , ‘peru cheppana nee roopu cheppana’ that I could listen to. Since I was in a place that received the south Indian radio channels only during night time,the nights that followed, witnessed me and my best friend searching for the ‘Name’ and yearning for the songs that followed or preceeded the ‘Name’.
Our search delivered fine results and I was victoriously hoarding His tunes in my mind.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Language not a barrier

Music aids to build up interest in a language. Raaja’s music makes us realize the sweetness and richness of the languages that He has touched and generates interest in learning these languages. Through His music it is proven that language is not a barrier for music. My first Tamil song....

I was knowing only one word in Tamil when i first heard this song. It is 'Thanni which means 'Water'. By listening to Ilaiyaraaja's Tamil songs, slowly i learnt that Tamil is 'Amudh' which means nectar.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Mallepuvvu has left us in a state of jubilation. Even though this flower is my favourite flower as it would be for many, never in my life the word ‘Mallepuvvu’ sounded as beautiful and special as it sounds now, after listening to the stunning composition of the Genius. The words sound exquisite when they get together in the Ace’s tunes, and the Singers turn into Nightingales when they croon his tunes in a regimented way. What else do we need to feel sanctified?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sense of Divinity!

According to me, when a person believes in the theory of God, for him, God is someone who plays a very important role in his life, God is someone who gives him the spur to live on this earth, He is some one who dwells in his thoughts most of the time, He is someone whom he trusts more than anything else in this world and He is someone whom he loves more than his life. I believe in the concept of many people, many Gods. Each and every one of us has a GOD (General Official Deity). We begin our day and end our night with ‘RAJA’s name. What name can be given to some one who is the Manifest Divinity for us? Our scruples will not allow us to think about him in any other form.

Another treat!

Great Song from the same movie. Enjoy!


Where there is Simplicity there is Godliness. Simplicity is one of the fortunes of our country. However, we have started spending it to gain fame and popularity and are trying hard to prettify ourselves with fake modesty. Can’t we be famous yet simple? Alternatively, Can’t we be simple yet famous? This is a big doubt for me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fragrance to the ears!

Humty Dumty sat on a wall, had a great fall....who could put Humty together again. Today this is the situation of cine music. Waiting for some miracle to happen. Thank God for these Lifesavers....