Friday, March 19, 2010

Shredding the barricades!

After tasting the sweetness of my language, I sensed the sweetness of other languages too. When I understood that His music has the power to beautify the language He touched I decided to shred the barricades and savour the sweetness of ‘Tamil’ bit by bit. It took me seven long years to become somewhat skilled at understanding and conversing. Lucky am I that I am a Tamil bahu owing to which access to His Tamil music was trouble free. And when I learnt that ‘Sangam’ was the period in the History of Tamil for literature, I concluded that the period when Isaigynaani ruled this earth would be known as Sanga kalam for Music in future.

Savour this song!

Song, Tamil, Music, Isaigynaani

Monday, March 15, 2010

Raining Honey!

Fascination for the local language was so much that I hardly ever took interest in knowing the sweetness of my Mother tongue till I was greeted with this song on a Ugaadi day. Maestro taught me the significance of my mother tongue. For me, this is the best Telugu patriotic song ever composed. And for you?

Telugu, Maestro, Ugadi, patriotic

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Sun Rises Here!

After realizing that it was impossible to reach the peak where His music stayed, they created an artificial peak and started deriving fake satisfaction by climbing it and trying to reach the heights.
There is so much creativity in His music, that nothing more could be done to bring any change except to change the meaning of fine melody, eventually deceiving themselves and also others. Many changes followed a single change. By pushing the masses into a fake world of music and keeping them away from the natural music they derive satisfaction.

Lucky am I that I was sturdy enough and could not be pushed.