Friday, August 7, 2009

Sense of Divinity!

According to me, when a person believes in the theory of God, for him, God is someone who plays a very important role in his life, God is someone who gives him the spur to live on this earth, He is some one who dwells in his thoughts most of the time, He is someone whom he trusts more than anything else in this world and He is someone whom he loves more than his life. I believe in the concept of many people, many Gods. Each and every one of us has a GOD (General Official Deity). We begin our day and end our night with ‘RAJA’s name. What name can be given to some one who is the Manifest Divinity for us? Our scruples will not allow us to think about him in any other form.

Another treat!

Great Song from the same movie. Enjoy!


Where there is Simplicity there is Godliness. Simplicity is one of the fortunes of our country. However, we have started spending it to gain fame and popularity and are trying hard to prettify ourselves with fake modesty. Can’t we be famous yet simple? Alternatively, Can’t we be simple yet famous? This is a big doubt for me.