Monday, September 20, 2010

Isaikku Virudhu

Isai endra valzhkaiyilae

Isai yaaga arimughamaayi

Isaiodu engaludan thangi

Isai mel aarvam koduthu

Isai aaraaichikku kaaranam thandhu

Isai paadurathuku paadam pughatti

Isai amaipadharku udhvegamaaga irundhu

Isai ezhuduradhukku munnudharanamaha vandhu

Isaignaani yendru virudhu petru

Isaikke mariyathai seidha

Unga isiayaal, innum etthanai virudhughal upasarikka padumo endru,

Eppozudhum ungal isaimaiyakkathile vaazhthukondum

Ungal palakodi rasigargal acharyapadum samayathil,

Inda Desiyavirudhu avarghalukku samarpanam seidhirghalae

Engal pirappukku idharku melae enna artham vendum.

Enakku Tamil Mozhiyai thandhu,

indha saadharanamaana kavidhaikku

udhvegamaga irundha Ungalukku samarpanam.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In Reverence...

With voice smooth like a soft gel,
And words strong like a brass bell,
Sound alluring as a sea shell,
And expression deep as Honey well,
You came to this earth as an Angel
And showed that your halt in people’s heart is eternal.
As long as the day is bright
And the night is quiet,
Your tone will fill the space
And captivate the entire sphere.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good Morning Raagas

The wonderful feeling of waking up with a Raaja song is not something unusual for me. The song stays with me through out the day and keeps playing at the back of my mind like a bgm. Even when I wake up with one, I meet the other charms in the latter parts of the day and they allow the bgm to remain at its place.
Often I am greeted by, ‘Idi swathi jallu ’in the morning. A song from ‘Jamadagni’...
For me listening to it is like slowly getting into a pleasant twister that sets me free only after giving extreme delight. The base guitar in the prelude... the second interlude...just feel for yourself:-) and also the rhythm.. Great,fantastic...Are these two words adequate to show our appreciation?
You decide...