Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cozy zone!

The punch of reality after incessant running in a dream gives colossal comfort to the spirit. Becoming awfully active with inescapable everyday chores and getting disconnected with inseparable eternal accord is like experiencing heavy dreams over and over. When the hangover of abstinence becomes too much to deal with, the mind grabs its cozy zone to perk up life.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pallavi always opens the door to many surprises in His songs. It’s like walking through a palace fully loaded with luxuries. With ears wide open we move around and around. Sometimes the surprise lies at ‘anupallavi’, and some times at ‘Charanams’, but, rest assured, there is always a surprise. What more is needed to become musically evolved!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Classical tour Part-2

It was when my people sensed a sense of responsibility in me after a certain period of time, I was re-inducted into the school of carnatic music and my second music teacher was smart enough to start my first class at her school in an instant way by singing the sarali-swaras and asking me to repeat after her, for fear, that I would bring out my music. The classes turned out to be extensively impassive and I made it sure to hold her lessons at her place only, so that I need not practice at home instinctively. My answer to her first question at the beginning of each class would always be yes even when I knew that she had the right answer to her question.

Some time after a few months, before she prepared herself to lead me into ‘Gitam’, she gave a brief lecture on ‘False voice’ which was a new musical term for me. Within no time my mind understood that it was a presage given to draw me away from my music. Now she made me repeat the first ‘maya malavagowla’ after her, in her usual icy style. Back home I tried to explore melody in her song and advantageously convinced my people to leave me with my songs. Four more years passed in merriment and I developed a very close bond with my music. Relatives who showed apparent responsibility were bent upon making my people to realize their actual responsibilities and work towards re-attaching me to classical music. Even though they received sweet gifts now and then from me that made them forget their world for a while, there was always some hidden fear that kept them detached to my music.

Soon my third teacher, who was an elderly lady, with a really nice understanding, entered into my world of music. I must say she was the only teacher who could make her classes incredible for me. For she agreed to my request of taking a long stride from ‘Gitam’ to ‘Varnam’ by making only a brief halt at ‘Swarajathi’. . ‘Ninnu koree’ was the reason for my eagerness to learn varnam in mohanam. There after, her eagerness to know my music increased and her repeated requests to ‘Amrutha varshini’ as she would call ( ‘Kurisenu virijallule’(toongadha vilzhighal’)) brought me nearer to her. Every day before and after the class there were questions from her about my songs and in no time, with increased interest she started singing with me , my songs.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Evermore ready to listen...

Ears that opened to the sounds of nature
sensed pleasantness, in voice of melody,
All the time they felt, extremely happy ,
Even without knowing, the meaning of euphony.
And at the age that was still dainty,
my mind got opened to a fresh novelty,
it followed the Creator with amplified curiosity,
before long,He became an effectual Educator,
Who,through His music, has set humanity as my best feature.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mind twisters!

Songs written to reach the mass audience are always inharmonious; this was my opinion before listening to the songs from 'Raktabhisekham'. Raaja’s ability to amazingly decorate mass lyrics with His novel tunes and masterly orchestration, created interest in the songs which are usually avoided by class audience who think that these songs are not for them. Bringing richness to the songs meant for mass audience and elevating their standard of listening, is possible by one and only Raaja. Instruments become central and lyrics become trivial for me in these songs. Voice too, becomes an instrument and the feats of these instruments are heavenly. These are the must listen songs for all fans of Raaja, who explore His music.
Listen to this melody from Ashwamedham and enjoy the ride.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trodden track to happiness

Feeling deprived of happiness sometimes in life, is quiet a difficult phase.But the thought of a very well trodden track, taken to grasp it firmly, gives much comfort. There could be a time when the mind wishes to maintain status quo in emptiness and It can even say no to the fully known track . During such a time, it’s awfully important to realize that being on the track is the only choice that could be taken to keep on. And when this becomes certain, the contentment brought about is strong enough to be energetic once again.