Monday, March 9, 2009

Mass to Class

Significance of lyrics in Ilaiyaraaja’s songs remained trivial to me most of the times.
In the early 80’s, Telugu film world witnessed a set of producers and directors gushing in to exhibit the richness of the language, but ended up thrashing the language itself. The outcome was a flow of vulgar songs in to the Telugu cine music world and the division of the audience into two groups namely the class and the mass. The funny side is, these people were assuming that they were fulfilling the requirements of the public. This was a kind of inducement and some of the music lovers too fell prey to this.
With His thunderous entry, Raaja proved to be the liberator. His music freed the listeners from the clutches of coarse music. Songs transformed from rudeness to naughtiness by wearing a veil called Raaja’s Great music. Thanks to some directors who took efforts to nurse the wounds caused to the language by presenting its strength in a decent way. Gradually Raaja satisfied the hunger of both the groups.
Listen to this song that presents the extraordinary usage of various instruments by Raaja.