Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blessed Ears!

Treating the ear drums with these drops of nectar was a practice that was followed regularly by me. Tasting His music for the first time made me feel that if the music I tasted all these years is sweet like sugar, then His music is sweeter like honey. After tasting some more, honey became nectar. Over the years I started comparing it to oasis in a desert, rain in hot summer, gold and diamond mines, Everest and Himalayas, seas and oceans, kamadhenu and kalpatharu, oxygen in air etc, until the day I realized it is beyond comparison.
After a time, ears were greeted with many flavorless flavors in the name of music which started bursting like bubbles touching the brawny barricades. I started considering my ears as supremely favored.
One more drop for you to taste...