Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blessed Ears!

Treating the ear drums with these drops of nectar was a practice that was followed regularly by me. Tasting His music for the first time made me feel that if the music I tasted all these years is sweet like sugar, then His music is sweeter like honey. After tasting some more, honey became nectar. Over the years I started comparing it to oasis in a desert, rain in hot summer, gold and diamond mines, Everest and Himalayas, seas and oceans, kamadhenu and kalpatharu, oxygen in air etc, until the day I realized it is beyond comparison.
After a time, ears were greeted with many flavorless flavors in the name of music which started bursting like bubbles touching the brawny barricades. I started considering my ears as supremely favored.
One more drop for you to taste...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Showers of praise

Our country has given birth to a number of talented music directors who make us proud. It is hard to say who is great and who is not as every one of them has equally enthralled the audience. All the music directors command equal amount of love and respect from the listeners. At one time the listeners were followers of all the composers .There was no comparison among these greats. When dipping the senses in the streams of honey became a routine, the ears naturally turned out to be fully grown with good sense of music. Who knew that some of these mellowed ears were destined to dip their senses in the ocean of nectar? What could be the level of mellowness of these ears? Definitely beyond belief, isn’t it? The senses which tasted both honey and nectar fall into one class. The era that followed, being flooded with nectar, was definitely privileged. The senses that belong to this era fall into another class. Then there was barge in of Pepsis and Colas to muddle up the senses of present era that entirely fall into a different class, for which transitory joy is adequate, feeling comfortable with Pepsi Colas and sometimes trying to taste the nectar with out having the aptitude and without knowing its worth.
Senses that got used to honey and nectar can only taste Pepsi colas, but may not relish because they very well know its worth. Honey showered praises on Nectar and Nectar paid tributes to Honey, but Pepsi Cola acquired more popularity by advertising and exhibiting self appreciation.

Here is a Drop from the Ocean of Nectar!