Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Night Of Elucidation

My First Raaja Song.

My mind suddenly sent signals to my hand which was tuning my small radio, my best friend ever, to hold a station which was playing something that was treating my ears with an inconceivable pleasure. After a few seconds, my soul registered The Name 'Ilaiyaraaja' when a voice from All India radio announced the music director’s name who fashioned the song that my mind has just recorded.The voice that proclaimed the name echoed from the cosmos. There was sudden stillness in the air that delimited me. At once I thanked my best friend for giving me a fabulous present, and retired to the bed humming only the last two lines , ‘peru cheppana nee roopu cheppana’ that I could listen to. Since I was in a place that received the south Indian radio channels only during night time,the nights that followed, witnessed me and my best friend searching for the ‘Name’ and yearning for the songs that followed or preceeded the ‘Name’.
Our search delivered fine results and I was victoriously hoarding His tunes in my mind.