Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Om Shanthi Striking!

One of the many things that make me happy in my life is when the sales boy of the local music store comes to me with Raaja’s new releases, as soon as I enter the store leaving behind all other customers. The store manager updates me with Raaja’s impending projects with a lively face, and the remaining customers put across their eagerness to know more.

This time I was greeted with ‘Omshanti’. With unlimited happiness I returned home for peacefulness.

What a surprise? ‘Chinna polike ledu’ (not even a little similarity), so much versatility. His yester year’s music is so different from today’s music. Raaja once again presents His power and gifts us with tunes that exactly fill the cavities of today’s music world. Only His music helps me to change with the times because, to my mind He is the only Creator who creates tunes by taking care of the period, the situation and the character. I am not the same as I have gradually learnt to change with the times with His music and am ’flying on the moon.’ ‘Ottesi chebuta’(I promise) this is the real meaning of ‘Om Shanti’(peacefulness).