Thursday, February 5, 2009

Choice of Music

Listening to good music is meditation. It is food for a music lover's soul. When we are conscious about our health and wish to eat healthy food only, we can also make it a point to listen to healthy music only. When so much care is taken for the body, imagine how much care should be taken for the soul?
I would define healthy music as one that cleanses your soul, mind and body and removes the toxins from you. Listening to a good musical piece rejuvenates your body and acts like an antioxidant. It flows like a river and makes you feel like a floating flower on it. A dish is delicious to the mouth only when the preparation is good, a song is delicious to the ears only if the composition is good. When harmony is not maintained music turns bad. Avoiding food which is not good for us or which is not tasty is very easy. We can just refuse to have. However, it is not easy to avoid listening to bad music. We can stop listening to it when we are at home, but it becomes difficult when we are out side. Knowingly or unknowingly many people are falling prey to this. Our body is getting polluted with the pollution in the air and our mind is getting polluted with this noise (music).
Just as God's creation is natural a Musician's creation should also be natural, only then it becomes Divine. Divinity is mentioned here because i am talking about the relation between the Soul and Music. Hence i feel that every music lover should be as wise in choosing the music as he/she is in choosing his /her food .

Thirst quencher!

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