Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mood Progressions!

Raaja’s arrangement of BGM for the movie ‘Sagara Sangamam’ is surely exceptional. It’s so easy to understand the feelings of the characters when His music speaks; this is what I could make out. Not one scene to mention or one movie to recall, there are n number of movies where He has worked wonders with His BG score. I feel, a life time is not sufficient for a detailed study of His music. Tears roll down automatically whenever I listen to this BGM.

These scenes cannot be imagined without His heart squeezing background score. We can feel the music letting us know the dissimilar moods of the characters at each move.
Watch at.0:00 Madhavi (name of the female character) entering with some pictures. At 0:16, the music tells Balu’s (name of the Male character) happiness. When at 0:44 it shows Balu’s gratefulness to Madhavi for the pictures, at 1:39 in a lighter mood, it proves the progress of friendship between the two characters, 3:11 is granting assurance and proceeding towards a stronger relation. 4:45 the chorus shows Madhavi in a mixed mind-set where she is in a state of uncertainity and happiness. At 6:10, it is love acceptance, and at 8:12 it is separation. OMG ! Who else other than Ilaiyaraaja could have created such heavenly music!