Monday, April 6, 2009

pure melody!

Great work by the Great composer of the century. What an arrangement of instruments! This tune definitely is energising for our minds. Experience healthy music!

sounds(s) of music!

In the recent years there have been concerns about some types of music having negative effects on people’s minds and moods. Famous classical Greek philosopher Plato, who recognized the importance of Music 2000 years ago, writes, “Through foolishness they deceived themselves into thinking that there was no right or wrong in music -- that it was to be judged good or bad by the pleasure it gave. By their work and their theories they infected the masses with the presumption to think themselves adequate judges ... As it was, the criterion was not music, but a reputation for promiscuous cleverness and a spirit of law-breaking." He adds, "The introduction of a new kind of music must be shunned as imperiling the whole State: since styles of music are never disturbed without affecting the most important political institutions."

One thing that music does that cannot be ignored is it stimulates the brain, sometimes positively and sometimes negatively. The frequencies of sounds present in certain instruments and works by certain composers have to be identified for our children. Exposing them to healthy music from childhood would help them in becoming musically matured and shun that which is not good for them. By good music a child gets accustomed to feel the right emotions. Music has thus the power to form the character of a person.
It is time for us to relish the treasure with which we were raised up, and gift our children some of those priceless gems. Being non musical is always better than being musically ignorant and falling prey to the spoilt versions of old melodies and remixes.