Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Classical music teacher, my eye opener.

When my curiosity was noticed, it was decided to send me to an accomplished classical trainer for upgrading my ability. After formal procedures I was accepted as a learner. With great excitement my face turned bright when the question that I expected came from her. With out frittering away a single moment I took out a jewel from my collection and gifted her, being clear in my mind about the laud I would receive in return. Her stern voice ordering me to discontinue rehearsing film songs in order to continue training lessons came as a revelation. After a short and snappy oration I was introduced to the seven swaras and was told that any piece of music is made up of these swaras and was asked to run through these swaras. There was a sense of innocence in my question when I asked her if the music that I followed also contained these swaras. ‘Yes’ was her answer with an imperious smile. Homewards I couldn’t stop being appreciative of my teacher for she was the one to awaken my mind by giving two options. One was to savor the raw material and the other was to savor the creation. I chose the latter as it was unworkable for me to relinquish the creation and the creator of my music. Now I was able to define melody as something formed of swaras to treat the ears of the listener, even though I couldn’t get any answer to my question, that why I should stop practicing my music to learn her music. When the time came for the next class, it was my people’s turn to take by surprise when I stated that I do not wish to learn her music. It was my fortune that I was not at all required to do something that I did not enjoy.