Friday, July 15, 2011

Evermore ready to listen...

Ears that opened to the sounds of nature
sensed pleasantness, in voice of melody,
All the time they felt, extremely happy ,
Even without knowing, the meaning of euphony.
And at the age that was still dainty,
my mind got opened to a fresh novelty,
it followed the Creator with amplified curiosity,
before long,He became an effectual Educator,
Who,through His music, has set humanity as my best feature.


  1. "...who,through His music, has set humanity as my best feature..."

    This reveals the magnitude or core-concept of His compositions. There is no other best line to appreciate His music :-)

    Thank you Madam, this is an Indian "Rhythm & Blue" song with live backbeats onto snares, effects on electric lead guitar bring retro era magic, pleasant stanzas with vocal harmony accompaniment, array of string orchestra with chimes or xylophone at 2nd interlude steals the melody :-)


    ~Raaja rules ♪